Polecat - a rudimentary partial implementation of CORBA features

Polecat is the preliminary title for a C++ library developed on current needs. It can be seen as an incremental proceeding towards a total implementation of features conformat to CORBA standards as defined by the OMG. It exist mainly for supporting the Badger project which initially based on the C++/CORBA implementation provided by MICO, which has been found insuffient with respect to its security features.

Eventually Polect will contain an ORB implementation and implementations of certain features. But - please do not expect this for a certain moment or for a certain degree of completeness - it is devoloped according to current needs.

Currently Polecat consists of

  • analior - an analyzer for Interoperable Object References (at least for those as produced by MICO)
  • idl - a rudimentary IDL Compiler that produces C++ language mappings from IDL input

The API documentation is part of the source code and produced with Doxygen.